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Κωδικός είδους: EL-S55-480GB
Κατασκευαστής: SILICON POWER
Εγγύηση: 36 μήνες


Κωδικός προϊόντος: EL-S55-480GB Κατηγορίες: , , ,


– 7mm slim design suitable for Ultrabooks and Ultra-slim notebooks
– SATA III 6Gbps backwards compatible with SATA II 3Gbps
– ATTO high transfer rate: Read speed: 520 MB/s max; Write speed: 460 MB/s max
– Smartest Choice for System Upgrade
– Supports TRIM command and Garbage Collection technology
– NCQ and RAID ready
– Implemented with ECC technology to guarantee data transmission reliability
– Built-in with SMART monitoring system
– Low power consumption
– Shockproof & Anti-Vibration
– Noiseless operation, no latency delay and no seek error
– 3 year warranty
*Transfer rates may vary, depending on system platform.

The upgrade kit includes: Slim S60, shockproof enclosure, screwdriver, and NTI Echo cloning software*
– Immediate upgrade in 3 easy steps
– Turn a left over hard drive into a shockproof portable one
– The enclosure provides rugged protection against shocks, scratches and abrasions
– Cable wrap-around design for easy carrying

* Please download NTI Echo at the official site. Then replicate your original hard drive to the SSD.


– Capacity: 32GB/60GB/120GB/240GB/480GB
– Dimensions: 100mm x 69.85mm x 7mm
– Weight: 74g
– Vibration Resistance Test: 20G
– Shock Resistance Test: 1500G Max
– Color: Black

Enclosure Specifications
– Dimensions: 134 x 87.5 x 18.6 mm
– Weight: 105g

Read up to 520MB/s?Write up to 460MB/s
*ATTO , Total length 256MB

Read up to 520MB/s?Write up to 460MB/s
*Crystal Disk Mark, Random data pattern with 1000MB 5cycle

1. Running Crysatal Disk Mark with random data pattern. Each run had 5 averages, 1000MB test data size.
2. Running ATTO with 256MB test file sizes


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